Stephen King and Studio Ghibli

„Hey Dan, It is going to run on BBC today, we have to watch it!“

Dan hesitated a bit, he couldn’t stand clowns as it was and horror movies always creeped him out more than he cared to admit. But Phil and him hadn’t had a movie night for so long and his best friend seemed to really look forward to it.

“Sure, sounds great.”

When they were finally sitting on the sofa the film began, but Dan grabbed the remote and pressed the power button. Phil eyed him confused and asked

“Dan, what are you doing?”

“I didn’t really feel like watching a horror film, could we just watch Howl’s Moving Castle, please?”

Phil smiled and hugged him.

“I didn’t really want to watch it either, I just looked for an excuse to have a film night with you.” Dan chuckled at that and hugged the noiret back.

“You don’t need an excuse for that you numpty, you could’ve just asked me!”

Phil grinned sheepishly and set up the film while Dan shook his head at their stupidity.